Who do we need to collect Actual diversity data from?

The goal is to collect?Actual data?from the specified job roles on a production, both on- and off-screen. This includes crew, other production staff, on-screen talent and other?contributors, whether they work for production companies, broadcasters? in-house production units or are freelancers. You do not need to capture crew members or extras who are engaged through third-party companies, or hired as a group (e.g. orchestras, dance companies, or school or sporting teams), as you will typically not have their names and email addresses.

As a guide, we have defined the key on- and off-screen role types in the following tables overleaf.

Table B: On-screen role types

Scripted (actors in dramas, soaps, comedies etc)



Lead Actor Determined by taking into account factors including the number of days worked in front of the camera and the centrality of the role in the programme
Actor (supporting role) A named character role that is integral to a production but is not as central as the role/character played by a lead artist
Background/Walk-On/Supporting Artist These are artists who are engaged as crowd or stand-ins to set the atmosphere of a scene ? providing inaudible or audible sounds, mass or individual reactions ? who do not portray identifiable character roles
An artist who performs services that are predominantly of a hazardous or dangerous nature
Other On-Screen
An artist who performs in a scripted programme i.e. musicians miming or performing on musical instruments or dancers. This can include narrators in scripted programmes (there is a separate Voiceover/Narrator role type for non-scripted programmes)


Non-scripted (in factual, documentaries, current affairs, entertainment shows etc)

A contributor presenting to camera as themselves, rather than in character
Voiceover/Narrator Provides commentary/voice-over/narration for a programme
Determined by taking into account factors including the number of days worked in front of the camera and the centrality of the contribution in the television programme
Contributor/Interviewee On-screen contributor or interviewee, which can include individuals on panel game shows or guests in light entertainment productions
Case Studies A Case Study involves an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a subject or person
Vox Pops Interviewees who contribute to a programme with a short piece to camera
Other On-Screen (non-scripted) On-screen contributors on a programme i.e. musicians miming or performing on musical instruments

For the on-screen role types, production users should ask everyone who makes more than a minimal level of contribution to a programme to provide their details. So you should capture all contributors in the roles of?Lead Actor?and?Actor?(supporting role) (for scripted productions) and?Presenter/Reporter, Voiceover/Narrator, Main Contributor/Expert and Contributor/Interviewee?(for non-scripted productions). For the other roles, you should be pragmatic about who to include. For example, broadcasters do not expect all?Background / Walk-on / Supporting Artists?to be added to the system: depending on the production, only a few may need to be added, e.g. if they have an effect on the action or contribute to the programme.

Dancers, musicians, pop acts and members of bands, orchestras and choirs that are directly contracted by a broadcaster or production company should be included, unless they are engaged as a group. Pop stars, band members and musicians should be added using the?Musician (on-screen)?role type on the Contributors Form (this is one of the role types collected by broadcasters in Silvermouse for non-Diamond purposes). You will then be asked whether this maps to the?Other On-Screen (scripted)?or?Other On-Screen (non-scripted)?Diversity role type. As with other on-screen talent, for whom the agent?s email address may be used, the email address of the pop star or band?s management or record label may be used in this instance.

Table C: Off-screen role types

Diamond?defines a large number of off-screen role types (as you can see in Table C). This does not imply that you need to collect?Actual diversity data?from hundreds of individuals. Rather, it is to ensure that their role can be selected as accurately as possible, both in terms of function and level of seniority.


Commissioning Editor

Commissioning Executive



OB Director

Gallery Director

Studio Director

Producer Director

DV Director

Series Director



Series Producer

Series Editor (Editorial)

Executive Producer

Development Producer

Associate / Assistant Producer

Celebrity AP

Gallery AP

Archive Producer

Script Producer

Story Producer

Celebrity Producer

Line Producer

Production Executive

Head of Production

Production Manager

Production Co-ordinator

Junior Production Manager

Production Assistant

Archive Researcher

Script Editor

Continuity Supervisor


Casting Producer

Locations Assistant

Locations Manager

Assistant Production Accountant

Unit Manager

Floor Manager

Assistant Floor Manager

Celebrity Booker


Data Wrangler

Production Secretary


1st Assistant Director

2nd Assistant Director

3rd Assistant Director

Stunt co-ordinator


Technical Manager

Subject Matter Expert (off screen)

Special Effects Supervisor

Special Effects Technician

Legal & Business Affairs

Business Affairs Manager/Executive


Director of Photography

Camera Operator

Digital Imaging Technician

Camera Supervisor

Focus Puller

Hot Head Operator

Camera Assistant


Autocue/Prompt Operator

EVS Operator

Vision Mixer

Post Production

Online Editor

Edit Producer/Director

Offline Editor

Edit Assistant

Series Editor (Post Production)



Graphic Designer

Post Production Supervisor

Visual Effects (VFX)

Visual Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects Technician


Roto/Paint Artist

Matte Painter


Dubbing Mixer

Sound Recordist


Other Sound and audio

Craft & Technical

Production Designer

Stage manager

Set Design

Art Director

Assistant Art Director

Prop Buyer/Maker

Set Designer

Set Crafts

Construction Manager

Chargehand Painter

HOD Plasterer

Supervising Rigger

Prop Storeman


Chief Costume Designer

Costume Designer

Costume Stylist

Wardrobe Master/Mistress

Senior Dresser

Wardrobe Assistant

Wardrobe Supervisor

Costumer Maker/Dress Maker


Hair & make-up

Chief Hairdresser


Hairdressing Assistant

Make Up Supervisor

Make Up Artist

Make Up Designer

Make Up Assistant

Special Effects Make Up Assistant


Lighting Designer

Lighting Director


Lighting Console Operator

Production Electrician


Lighting Electrician

Lighting Cameraman

Other Lighting (e.g. Best Boy, Generator Operator, Moving Light Technician, Rigging Gaffer)