When can Actual diversity data collection for a production be considered complete?

This can?t be specified exactly, because ultimately you can?t control whether individual?contributors (anyone working on a production, on- or off-screen) will complete their?Diversity Self-declaration Forms. However, the expectation is that all relevant roles will be added into?Diamond?and that you reactivate the links after they have expired, by sending out new emails to contributors if needed (see ?What action do I need to take?? above).

The more data collected, the more comprehensive and accurate the picture of diversity in the TV industry that can be built ? which allows better and more targeted improvements to be made.

Before submitting the final paperwork, you should remove any contributors who do not make the final cut, if they have been entered earlier, by deleting their name from the?Contributors Form.

Broadcasters will vary on when they expect diversity paperwork to be submitted, so please refer to the commissioning broadcaster of your programme for their deadlines for submission of the Diamond forms. Their requirements will form part of their existing PasC production paperwork policy.