What is the process for collecting data for vulnerable adults and adults who need an intermediary?

In the case of vulnerable adults (defined as a person over the age of 16 who is deemed not to have mental capacity to make decisions under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, for example because of an illness such as dementia) the?DSF?may be completed by authorised representatives.

The DSF includes a tick-box for authorised representatives to confirm they are filling in the form on behalf of the?contributor?(anyone working on a production, on- or off-screen). There are also fields for the authorised representative to supply their name and email address (the latter is not mandatory).

The email address entered on the?Contributors Form, to which the link to the DSF will be sent, should be that of the authorised representative.

Authorised representatives should never guess the?diversity characteristics?of the individuals for whom they are filling in the form, and should instead use ?Prefer not to disclose? where they do not have access to that information (this may be particularly relevant to characteristics such as sexual orientation).

The DSF may be completed by an intermediary or carer, in circumstances when an individual (who is an adult) may have difficulties completing the Form (for example, because they need help or language assistance). In this case, the usual process should be followed by sending DSF links to the contributors themselves.