What if the contributor does not want to give their data?

For each of the?diversity characteristics, there is an option on the?Diversity Self-declaration Form?to ?prefer not to disclose?, and it?s better that?contributors?(anyone working on a production, on- or off-screen) submit their form and use that option, than not submit a form at all. So encourage individuals to complete their form, with as much information as they are willing to disclose.

If a contributor does not want to submit a DSF they can follow a link in the validation email, or any other?Diamond?email they are sent, to opt out without opening their DSF. Contributors who choose to opt out in this way will be opted out of Diamond for one year (after a year, when the opt-out period ends, they would be contacted again by Diamond if they work on another TV programme commissioned by a Diamond broadcaster).

Contributors who?ve elected to opt out via either of these methods will be shown as ?Opted Out? on the?Diversity Actual Form?and will no longer receive email reminders to complete their DSFs. Contributors who have completed and submitted a DSF will be shown as ?DSF Complete? on the Diversity Actual Form, even if they select ?Prefer Not To Disclose? for all the diversity information.

The Diversity Actual Form also allows you to reactivate the email validation and DSF links if necessary.