What does Perceived diversity mean?

Monitoring?Perceived diversity?means taking a viewer?s perspective of who they see and hear on TV. Regardless of the?Actual characteristics?of an on-screen?contributor?(by which we mean anyone appearing on-screen, whether as a character in scripted shows or as ?themselves? in non-scripted ones), what might the viewer perceive about them?

Perceived diversity for scripted programmes (like dramas, soaps, etc.) means the diversity of the characters ? not the actors playing the roles. Actual and Perceived diversity characteristics will often be different (for example, if a gay actor is playing a straight character).

For non-scripted programmes (like factual, documentaries and current affairs) there will typically be a closer correlation between Actual and Perceived diversity, but they are still not the same thing. For example, think of a presenter who has dyslexia. This may represent an actual impairment, but if it is not apparent to the viewer you should record that you perceive no apparent disability.