Use of email addresses for Diamond purposes

Diamond?requires the name and email address of each?contributor?to be entered, in order to be able to send them an email asking them to complete a?Diversity Self-declaration Form (DSF)?in?Silvermouse. Contributors should be notified of the use of their email addresses for this purpose. Broadcasters and/or Pact can provide you with wording to this effect that can be included in relevant documentation, including contracts.

For pre-existing contracts that are already in place when Diamond first launches, you will need to send contributors an ?awareness email? that lets them know that their email address will be used in Diamond to send them a DSF request. Broadcasters and/or Pact can provide you with the wording of this email (along with clear instructions for what needs to be done, and why). You will need to be able to provide a paper trail/email trail that you have sent out the ?awareness emails? to contributors, should it be requested.

We would also encourage you to let contributors know about Diamond, and in particular that they will receive an email asking them to complete a DSF, as part of your ongoing conversations with them. The CDN, Pact and participating broadcasters will also be raising industry awareness of Diamond and related process issues by briefing industry bodies, via the trade press, unions, guilds, agencies, etc.

A contributor may not wish to participate in Diamond. They may indicate this by striking out the Diamond clause in their contract or other documentation, or by replying to the Diamond awareness email to say they do not wish to participate. Accordingly, unless the contributor declines to take part sooner, you should wait at least 7 days after issuing their contract/other documentation or after sending them the awareness email before entering their email address in the?Contributors Form?or?Diversity Actual Form?as applicable (see step-by-step guide in section 3).

If a contributor has chosen not to participate within this period, do not add their email address to the email address field in the Contributors Form ? this will ensure the contributor is not sent a DSF email request. If instructed to do so by the broadcaster for non-Diamond purposes, you should instead add the email address to the notes field in the Contributors Form.

For on-screen contributors who have indicated that they do not wish to participate in Diamond, you should also choose ?Don?t know? for all?Perceived Diversity?categories in the corresponding row on the?Diversity Perceived Form.