Report formats

Diamond?provides the?Creative Diversity Network?and broadcasters with diversity monitoring data in a variety of formats. The?CDN?will publish regular reports on the overall diversity of the TV industry, while broadcasters will be able to produce more detailed reports on individual genres, channels, times of broadcast, and other criteria. Broadcasters will also be able to produce reports on individual programmes to share with suppliers to facilitate dialogue in relation to their diversity targets or commitments.

Diamond empowers broadcasters to monitor performance against their diversity targets or commitments, and to have effective discussions about diversity with their suppliers. Sometimes this will involve looking at series-level diversity monitoring reports, where there may only be small numbers of people in particular roles. In this case, there is a risk that individuals could be identified by combining the reports with other information. These reports will only be used as part of a private dialogue between a broadcaster and a supplier of programmes in the context of diversity targets or commitments. The Privacy Notice that contributors see when they supply their data makes clear that their data may be used for this purpose.