Reassuring contributors

It?s important that?contributors?(anyone working on a production, on- or off-screen) are confident their Personal Data will be kept securely and used appropriately. You can reassure them that:

  • They should complete their?Diamond?declarations themselves and feel no obligation to discuss or share their responses with anyone else.
  • Neither you nor anyone else in your organisation, or at any broadcaster, can see their individual?actual diversity information.
  • All reports produced by Diamond will be based on?aggregated and anonymous?diversity data from contributors working on programmes in the relevant time period.
  • Their data will?only ever be used as part of anonymised Diamond monitoring reports; it will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third parties.
  • Though every contributor should be encouraged to complete a form, those who do not wish to disclose their?diversity characteristics?can select that option during the completion process.
  • The?Silvermouse?system complies with the?Diamond broadcasters??stringent security policies. The system is already used by Sky, ITV and Channel 4, amongst others.
  • Any notes (e.g. on paper) that may be taken when recording?Perceived data?in Diamond will be disposed of in a safe and appropriate manner.