Provide support

The?Diamond?champion will be the point of contact within the company for Diamond queries. That might mean giving practical support to users of the system or handling more general questions and objections from colleagues.

Here are few challenges that might come up, and starters for addressing each one?

  1. ?How will Diamond help improve diversity in the industry???With the data available from Diamond, broadcasters and companies will be able to identify areas where diversity needs improving, and will be able to target their efforts more effectively. The aggregated information will be publicly available, meaning our industry will be more accountable.
  2. ?I don?t like the idea of sharing my personal details.??Reassure them that the data gathered through?Silvermouse?is kept secure and confidential. It won?t be visible to any colleagues at your organisation, or within a broadcaster.?Contributors?have control ? they can opt not to disclose their personal characteristics by selecting this option on the?Diversity Self-declaration Form, and can ask for their Personal Data to be deleted from Diamond at any time.
  3. ?I?m not from a minority group, so why do you need my data???Diversity monitoring only works if it includes everyone. We all have an ethnic and gender identity, and other individual characteristics that need to be recorded. Diamond isn?t only for colleagues who consider themselves to be part of a minority: we all benefit from being part of a diverse workforce, and we need everyone in broadcasting to contribute their data to get a true picture of our industry.
  4. ?We?re already a diverse workplace. Why do we need to do this???Diversity monitoring can reveal how close you are to meeting your own internal diversity targets or commitments. Some organisations have found that implementing monitoring has made colleagues feel more comfortable in reporting their sensitive personal characteristics, such as sexual orientation, leading to an increase in the number of staff recording this characteristic. These workplaces were already diverse, but it took a change in attitude to recording personal characteristics to reveal the extent of their diversity. Monitoring can also reveal information about gender identity and hidden disabilities that would not otherwise be apparent.
  5. ?We already have too much paperwork to do in production. How do I fit this in???Diamond has been designed to be as simple and streamlined as possible. It uses the?Silvermouse?platform, which you may already know. Make it part of your pre-production paperwork, and complete?Perceived?monitoring alongside post-production paperwork, so you can fit it in with other reporting. Consider including a section on Diamond in your pre-production meetings to help colleagues understand how and why they should complete their forms.
  6. ?Will this affect the bottom line???Businesses with a diverse workforce have an advantage in finding, attracting and retaining new talent. Meeting diversity targets or commitments can help secure new business wins, attract new audiences and provide exposure to new markets. Diverse businesses are proven to outperform competitors in their sectors.