How will Diamond work?

Completing?Diamond?monitoring will usually be the responsibility of production management, but this may vary from company to company. If you?re the person responsible, then these Guidance Notes will provide you with comprehensive information and support to help you run the process within your organisation, and to keep your colleagues and talent informed on how the process works and what they will need to do. You can also visit the?Diamond pages on the CDN website at, for further resources.

Diamond is integrated with?Silvermouse, which you may already be using for ?Programme as Completed? paperwork or collecting?diversity information. Diamond completely replaces current processes you may use to capture diversity data in Silvermouse, which varied from broadcaster to broadcaster, with a single standardised approach. You can find further information on using the Diamond-related forms in the Silvermouse Diamond User Guide (located on the Silvermouse Master Page after logging in), or by contacting the helpdesk on