How Diamond helps

In order for production companies to make programmes that look like the world we live in, those programmes need to be made by people from all sectors of society.?Diamond?helps achieve this by providing industry-wide data to answer two key questions:

  • Who is on UK TV?
  • Who makes UK TV?

This will allow us to see whether our industry fairly represents the UK both on- and off-screen.

Diamond monitoring involves gathering information on the diversity of your workforce (including freelancers) and on-screen talent. It provides a wealth of data that will highlight significant differences between broadcasters, genres and sectors, and identify trends over time. The data can then be used to address potential gaps and problematic trends across broadcasting. It will also help us gauge whether audiences of all kinds are seeing themselves represented on-screen, and to compare on- and off-screen diversity.

Diamond will switch on the lights to reveal the true make-up of our industry.