• This section includes anything that isn’t a blog or news post and contains the main content of your site.
  • You can attach a document to the post such as a PDF or Word file.
  • You can edit the text that appears in the blue box by editing the caption on the file
  • Tick the category on the right to make sure the resource appears in the right section of the site.
  • Resources can only be assigned to one category to facilitate specific ordering within a category.
  • You can control the resource order via the order field – the lower the number, the higher it appears in the listing (so 0 is highest, 1 will be second on the list, then 2 etc etc). Default is 0, so new posts will appear on top automatically – if you want a new resource to appear below the ‘sticky’ resources, you just need to assign a higher number.
  • Note that you can only order within a category – ‘All resources’ are automatically ordered alphabetically.