Do people have to fill in a form every time they work on a new production?

To save?contributors?(anyone working on a production, on- or off-screen) completing a new?Diversity Self-declaration Form?every time they join a new production, the form offers a consent option, which, if selected, gives permission for the contributor?s data to be used for a period of two years ? for any production made by any company and commissioned for UK broadcast by the Diamond broadcasters (currently the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky) ? without the need to re-supply it. So if they select the consent option, individuals will not be required to provide?diversity data?more than once every two years, however many companies they work for. No other information entered into?Silvermouse?will be shared across broadcasters or production companies.

If contributors give consent for their data to be used for two years, they can still update their information during this period. They also have a legal right to request that their data be deleted at any time (see section 6 for further information on Data Protection).

If contributors do not give their consent for their data to be used for two years, then they will be supplying data just for the particular programme or series on which they are working when the DSF is sent to them.