Diversity ? how people are perceived on-screen

UK broadcasters (currently the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky) are carrying out a project called Diamond to help ensure that their productions reflect the diversity of the United Kingdom. They are looking at how viewers might perceive the characters and people they see on screen.

Diamond is being implemented by the Creative Diversity Network (?CDN?), whose members include the UK broadcasters listed above, Pact and Creative Skillset. Soundmouse has been contracted to process the information for Diamond using its Silvermouse software system. The diversity information will be encrypted and held securely.

The perceived data collected will relate to the following characteristics: gender, gender identity, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability. Data will only be recorded where a characteristic is apparent on screen. No prior knowledge about the actual characteristics of the person on screen will be taken into account.

Perceived diversity information will be used to monitor diversity within the industry and to prepare statistical reports that may be published. The reports will not name individuals and any published information will always be aggregated (for example across all commissions or by reference to genre) in order to avoid identification of any individual. The reports may also be used to assess progress against the diversity targets or commitments of individual broadcasters. In exceptional circumstances, it may be possible for you to be identified from reports based on your role within a production. All reports will be carefully reviewed by us to prevent this wherever possible.

Perceived data will be retained for 5 years.

Data Protection

Where the perceived data collected by Diamond is personal data governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent legislation the CDN and individual broadcasters will be ?data controllers?. Soundmouse Ltd will be a ?data processor? and act only on the instructions of the data controllers. Any such data will only be processed in accordance with data protection law.