When contributors first open their Diversity Self-declaration Form, they are presented with the text below, and asked to tick a box confirming that they have read and understood the Privacy Notice and agree to personal information relating to them being processed as set out in the Notice.


You will be aware of a ground-breaking initiative called Diamond that has been set up by the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) on behalf of the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky, producers? trade body Pact and industry skills body Creative Skillset.

Diamond has been designed to help the industry answer two vital questions ? do the people who work on UK productions, both on-screen and off-screen, reflect the diversity of the UK; and are audiences of all kinds seeing themselves reflected on screen?

To help us build a full picture of the diversity of people working in the industry, the broadcasters are gathering information on six diversity characteristics: gender, gender identity, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability.

We would like you to answer a few questions on these diversity characteristics. It should only take 2 minutes to complete the questionnaire. The diversity information you provide will be encrypted and held securely by Silvermouse. No names will be included in any reports produced by Diamond. We hope you will support this initiative; however, completing the form is voluntary.?

Before filling in the questionnaire, please read the Privacy Notice below, which explains in more detail how your information will be used. When you proceed to the questionnaire, you have the option not to disclose information for each of the questions you are being asked.

Privacy Notice ? How will the information be used?

Soundmouse Ltd has been contracted by the Creative Diversity Network (CDN) and individual broadcasters (currently the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky) to process the information for Diamond on its Silvermouse system. Diamond has been developed within the Silvermouse platform, which is a web-based system used by broadcasters and production companies for production paperwork. The diversity information on the Diversity Self-declaration Form will be encrypted and held securely by Soundmouse.

The CDN and the individual broadcasters can use the information to prepare reports that may be published. The reports will be used to monitor diversity and assess progress against diversity targets or commitments broadcasters have made. Individual broadcasters may also share reports with their independent production company suppliers as part of this assessment.

The reports will not name individuals, and any published information will always be aggregated (for example across all commissions or by reference to genre) in order to avoid identifying individuals. In exceptional circumstances, the broadcasters for individual productions may be able to identify you from your role in the production, but this information will never be published.

When you provide your information you can allow it to be used for all productions across all broadcasters participating in Diamond or you can restrict it to a specific series, if you wish. In either case it will be retained in the system for two years, but if you choose to restrict it to a series, you will be asked to provide the information again for any additional productions in which you are involved.

Please complete and submit the Diversity Self-declaration Form as soon as possible.

Data Protection

Information collected on this form is personal data governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and subsequent legislation. In that context, the CDN and individual broadcasters will be ?data controllers?. Soundmouse Ltd will be a ?data processor? and act only on the instructions of the data controllers. We will process data relating to you in accordance with data protection law.