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Pilot study: How diverse is mainstream TV?

Just how well does mainstream television do in the diversity stakes? To answer this Channel 4 commissioned a survey in 2009 which provided a snapshot of peak time viewing examining the on-screen representation of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality and age. C4 Cumberbatch Pilot Study

Serving All Ages

The BBC, in partnership with the CDN, commissioned research into the attitudes of audiences on ‘Age’ and sought to uncover, within the context of a broader examination of age portrayal, to what extent audiences are concerned about the visibility of middle aged and older women on screen. Report on the Attitude of Audiences on Age

Research on LGB portrayal

Stonewall works closely with national broadcasters, producers and other media professionals to promote fair representation of lesbian, gay and bisexual people across print and broadcast media. The charity?s research shows that significant challenges remain in making sure broadcasters reflect gay people?s lives accurately on-air: Stonewall Research and Policy Unseen on Screen Living Together

Building your business case

Whichever part of the industry we are in, we are all under continuing pressure to make profit, a better product, or deliver more efficient services. Diversity can have a real and positive impact on this if you identify solid reasons for doing it. The legal or moral case for fair representation is more obvious, but there is an intrinsic business…

Portrayal of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People on the BBC

Two years ago the BBC published the most comprehensive audience research and public consultation conducted by a broadcaster on how lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people are portrayed on the BBC. At the end of last year the BBC published its Research update, which fulfilled a commitment to keep the topic on the agenda, two years on from landmark research…

Latest employment census of the creative media industries

Creative Skillset?s research programme analyses?representation?across the Creative Industries?of people from minority groups and seeks?to understand?and address?underrepresentation. The?latest 2012 Employment Census of the?creative media industries will be published on the website soon. Creative Skillset Census