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Welcome to DIAMOND xCHANGE, the first ever conference presented by the Creative Diversity Network.

Come and play with us. It’s diversity but not as you know it. Unlike other diversity conferences, DIAMOND xCHANGE will explore the power of data collection and other evidence to advance your diversity agendas, strengthen your business models and maintain a competitive edge.

CDN is the industry body created and funded by the UK’s broadcasters and tasked with inspiring and supporting the British television industry to increase diversity and inclusion across the entire supply chain; including on and off screen.

We have collected and published two years’ worth of data since the launch of Diamond – CDN’s ground-breaking data project – and we want to share our learnings so far with you. We think that the best way to do that is provide an opportunity for influential game-changers from across broadcasting and other interconnected industries and sectors to share their experiences, expertise and examples of programmes of work which have successfully promoted diversity and inclusion.

No two sessions will be the same. One moment you will be listening to experts from data communities the next you will be encouraged to share your biggest diversity fear with a room full of strangers.

Speakers confirmed so far include: 

Alex Mahon, CEO, Channel 4; Gary Davey, Managing Director (Content), Sky; James Currell, President, UK, Northern & Eastern Europe, Viacom; Charlotte Moore, Director (Content), BBC and John McVay, CEO, Pact.

and Key Note from:

Marva Smalls

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Inclusion Strategy for Viacom and the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Chief of Staff for Nickelodeon

We will feed you. We will water you. We will bring you the brightest and best. We will all share and learn. DIAMOND xCHANGE will be a one-of-a-kind event which will inform and open the diversity conversation to a wider audience than ever before. This is an energising day looking at diversity done differently, where we will tear up the rule book and redefine how change can be made. You will leave this conference with the power to make positive change!


DIAMOND xCHANGE marks the beginning of a year-long series of events, called ‘The Network Speaks’, which will build a nationwide, cross-sector, public dialogue and industry-led action on diversity across UK broadcasting. More information coming soon…

What’s on the agenda?

Expect a wide range of sessions including but by no means limited to:

• Better for Business: Just in case you needed a little more inspiration on why ensuring diversity within your business will deliver the keys to long-term success
• Diamond, The Second Cut: A chance to honestly look at the data from the second year of Diamond reporting
• Disputing Data: An open conversation on the trouble with collecting data, including data misinterpretation, everyone will have a chance to have their questions addressed
• Doubling Disability: How can we ensure that the stats on disability are doubled by 2020
• Open to Other Options: Alternative offerings on how the industry should be collecting, sharing and using data
• Tackling Societies Greatest Challenges: Exploring vulnerability and cultural leadership when it comes to diversity, and how to turn the challenging and undoable into positive creative output
• Meet the Broadcasters: A kitchen table discussion with some of the biggest names in broadcasting about what data, evidence and diversity mean to them
• Data as Culture: A look into how we can use data to engage diverse audiences with the arts and how people are using data to actually create
• Demystifying Data: How we can think about data more simply, find value and draw meaningful conclusions

What is the difference between ticket types?

• Individuals/freelancers – Set fee for those working as a freelancer or on an individual level

• SME Organisation – Small-to-medium businesses, for those of you working for a company with less than 50 staff. Early bird and group discounts available.

• Large Organisation – Ticket price for those working for large organisations of over 50 members of staff. Early bird and group discounts available.

What are the access details?

Level entry access and lifts available. If you have any further access requirements please don’t hesitate to let us know by 06.03.2019.

Who should attend?

This level of play is executive. We want to see senior decision makers in the room. People who dream about diversity, change and business development but don’t always know where to start. Or you may have started well and hit targets and are now asking yourselves ‘Where? What? Who next?’

You might also be looking to make connections, or find out what makes TV think they are doing so well. Or you could even be on the other side of the fence, but that’s cool as well, we want you to come along.

CEO’s, MD’s and Executives across television, film, theatre, advertising and gaming, as well as Heads of Diversity and Inclusion and Marcomms executives working in the creative industries.

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