The experience and voice of disabled workers in UK broadcasting is central to Doubling Disability. Here you’ll find plenty of resources, from opportunities to make your views heard to practical workplace help.

Disability in the workplace

Disclosing your disability

Watch this video to hear from disabled people in the industry about their experience of disclosing disability at work. Below is the version with subtitles. You can also watch the version with BSL interpretation.

Support with reasonable adjustments

If you need help at work which is not covered by your employer’s reasonable adjustments, you may be able to get help from the Government’s Access to Work scheme. This provides financial or other assistance to help companies increase employment opportunities for disabled workers.

Job and career development opportunities

Keep up with job openings and other opportunities.

Talent agencies

  • VisABLE is a talent agency which creates opportunities for actors, presenters and models with disabilities.
  • Searchlight is an agency with off-screen opportunities in the media and entertainment industry.
  • YAFTA is a diverse talent agency for actors.
  • Zebedee Talent is an agency specialising in diverse representation for actors and models.

Training, job boards and other opportunities

  • Pact lists many organisations specialising in jobs for disabled talent in TV production.
  • Triforce Creative Network (TCN) provides opportunities for actors, writers, directors, producers and crew.
  • MAMA Youth Project trains people between 18-25 years of age from under-represented groups or people with limited educational or employment opportunities. It equips them for careers in the TV and media industry.
  • The TV Collective has jobs and other opportunities for diverse media professionals.
  • Disability Arts Online shares opportunities for disabled people in arts and culture.
  • Facebook groups such as Working in TV or UK and film jobs contain frequent postings for work.
    Mentoring and career development opportunities come up on a regular basis from different companies and groups.
  • Deaf and Disabled People in TV is a Facebook group for deaf and/or disabled TV professionals. It promotes the work of disabled crew, and offers information on development, training, networking and job opportunities.
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