Maximising the diversity of audiences, extras on location

Some ideas to help increase the diversity of your audiences and extras.

  1. Only use websites which meet accessibility guidelines to recruit audiences or extras
  2. Ensure your extras casting agency and/or ticketing agency has a proven track record in promoting diversity
  3. Offer sign language interpretation and include information that such assistance will be available in any casting or audience call-outs
  4. Ask audiences in advance to notify you if they have any access requirements
  5. Remember that some disabled people may wish to bring a personal assistant or assistance dog and ensure there is space for them
  6. Many disabled people use a personal assistant to support them – a ticket should be made available for them to accompany the disabled person to the recording
  7. Information that is sent out with the tickets should be in at least size 14 font to make it clear for people to read.
  8. If a visually impaired person requests information, ask which is the most appropriate form for them e.g. large print on A4 paper, braille or by email
  9. When sending out the tickets ask again for any access requirements and detail what features will be available at the studio (such as a hearing loop) – the more information you get before the day of recording the better
  10. Be aware that not everyone will make their needs known and some things may be taken for granted such as wheelchair accessibility and hearing loops being available
  11. Think about the dates and times of your recording and whether they have an effect on audiences, for example those with caring responsibilities or who need to travel by public transport
  12. And remember – everyone’s needs are going to be different so don?t be afraid to ask for any access needs at the earliest point possible!