Diversity and Inclusion strategies

Why have a diversity and inclusion strategy?

A diversity and inclusion strategy helps you:

  1. Attract and retain a wide talent pool to ensure you get the best people for your workforce.
  2. Have an increased efficiency and higher return on equity. Diverse teams make better, more efficient decisions, and can be more creative in their thinking.
  3. Improve content diversity. Diverse teams with different life experiences lead to a broader number of ideas which connect with wider numbers of the public.
  4. Better reflect the society in which you exist on screen, improving audience relationships and public perception.
  5. Attract higher ratings as audiences like to see themselves represented.
  6. Ultimately lead to more commissions through successful hits.

Who should own it

Diversity and Inclusion shouldn’t just be the responsibility of HR It should be embedded throughout the business, with a senior leader accountable for delivering the strategy to demonstrate the importance the organisation attaches to it.