Talent databases

Using talent databases which include people’s diversity characteristics or specific databases for people from particular groups is a good way of expanding your on and off screen talent pool.

You can compile, share and use databases which include details about a person’s personal characteristics as long as you comply with the Data Protection Act and Gender Recognition Act. In particular, ensuring you have consent from individuals for that information to be held and made available to people using the database.

When using a database to recruit, the law states that you should not limit your search to people with a particular characteristic or only use a database which lists people with a particular characteristic unless you have a justifiable occupational requirement for a role.

In short, you should use databases to widen your search not restrict it to particular groups. So you can’t limit your search to ‘BAME Producer/Director’ on a general database or only use a database listing contractors from a particular group unless you can justify that requirement.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance and Information Commissioners Office has further information on storing and using databases and personal information.