Accessible locations

A simple checklist to use when location scouting to ensure your studio, set or unit location is as accessible as possible.

Studio locations:

  1. Is there a step-free route all the way from entrance to seating? If not, consider a hired ramp which is set at an appropriate incline to not need assistance to negotiate it
  2. Are corridor widths on this route at least 800mm?
  3. Does the venue have accessible washroom facilities?
  4. Is disabled parking available on site or nearby?
  5. Is all relevant signage clear and in a large font?
  6. Are all doors easy to open and close? If not, will someone be on hand to open and close?
  7. Is there appropriate, lit space for an interpreter next to where your disabled guests may be positioned?
  8. Does the venue have an induction loop or other sound enhancement available in all rooms to be used, which is checked regularly?
  9. Have audience coordinators or stewards had disability awareness training, including how to guide blind or partially sighted people?
  10. Does the seating allow wheelchair users to sit next to a companion?
  11. Are the catering areas accessible?

Set or OB locations:

  1. Think about designing your set to be as flexible as possible to allow for alterations to meet the needs of a disabled person
  2. Try to ensure the set is step-free and as free from obstacles as possible
  3. Is there space on set for a personal assistant and/or sign language interpreter?
  4. Are on-site catering facilities accessible?
  5. Are the on-set toilets accessible?
  6. Do the hotels for cast and crew have accessible rooms and facilities?