How to build diverse production teams by making your recruitment processes as inclusive as possible.

Top tips to widen your search for talent

To find the best talent for a role, you need to attract as wide a pool of applicants as possible. Considering diversity when recruiting can reap numerous benefits for you as an organisation, both creatively and commercially.

Talent databases

Where to find them and important legal guidance about searching by diversity characteristic

Occupational requirements

Justifying restricting your recruitment to particular people to fill on and off screen roles

Attracting disabled talent

Tips you need to know about recruiting people with disabilities

Using inclusive and fair recruitment policies and processes

Top 10 tips on making your recruitment inclusive and fair

Interviews – What you need to ensure when asking questions about health or disability

In general, you must not ask a job applicant questions relating to health or disability. So don?t ask on the application form or ask someone to say anything in a covering letter with a CV or in a letter of application or on a separate questionnaire (unless this is a monitoring form) about their health or disability. Instead, ask whether…