NatCen Quality Review of Diamond Data

Creative Diversity Network asked the National Institute for Social Research (NatCen) to undertake a quality review of Diamond- The First Cut. NatCen were asked to provide an overview of the reliability of the Diamond data and evaluate CDN’s analysis and interpretation of the data.  

Diamond: The First Cut UPDATE May 2018

Diamond: The First Cut was updated in May 2018. Read the report here.

Diamond-The First Cut: Technical and Reporting FAQs

These Technical and Reporting FAQs provide more information about collecting Diamond data, and supports Diamond-The First Cut report

Quality Review of Diamond Data by NatCen Social Research December 2018

Read the Quality Review of Diamond Data by NatCen Social Research December 2018

Diamond Guidance Notes. 2018 Update

If you’re the person responsible for completing Diamond monitoring, our Guidance Notes will provide you with comprehensive information and support to help you run the process within your organisation, and to keep your colleagues and talent informed on how the process works and what they will need to do.

Diamond Media Centre

All the resources you need to celebrate Diamond, share your involvement and join the diversity conversation. Fact Sheets An overview of the Diamond project and what it means for those contributing data Quick Facts for Contributors Guidance Notes for Production Companies WATCH a short promo about DIAMOND Logo Download the Diamond logo for useĀ in online communications by clicking on the…