Success for Life partnership programme

Arrival Education logoEndemol has partnered with a charity called Arrival Education for the last five years. The students we work with participate in Arrival Education?s four year talent development programme, Success for Life. This programme is designed to assist young people from challenging backgrounds to become successful, happy and fulfilled adults; capable of producing exceptional results, whilst also being thoughtful, emotionally intelligent, responsible and kind. Through taking this approach to development AE create social mobility, break destructive cycles of behaviour (generations of worklessness, crime, anti-social behaviour, teen pregnancy, academic underachievement) and improve employability and social contribution.

The students attending come from across London and are aged 15-18. They frequently come from households of great financial uncertainty, long-term unemployment, reliance on the state, mental and physical ill-health, messy relationships, cramped accommodation, bereavement, single parents doing multiple jobs, abuse, violence, criminal activity, clashes between new and old value systems and substance misuse. They have all applied to be on ?Success for Life? and after the first part of the programme attend all sessions in their own time ? in the evenings and on weekends ? because they want to make something of their lives.

Endemol runs a variety of workshops for the students which are run in-house by Endemol employees alongside Arrival Education and the workshops generally involve one employee per student in order to give maximum feedback and support. In addition to attending workshops like the one?s run by Endemol, the students participate in 92 hours of challenging and rigorous personal development seminars. Endemol also, in the past, have done one on one monthly mentoring for the students for up to 10 students a year.

Attached are a couple of links. One is some of the Arrival Education students meeting Nick Clegg at No.10 Downing Street as part of the scheme and another is about the scheme and the effect it has had on the student?s exam results.

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