Move on Up to ITV

Screenshot from ITV Facebook page


A social media platform that aims to support and sustain professional diverse talent in their broadcast careers.

In 2010, ITV identified a gap in the market that enabled us to use social media as a portal to effectively connect and engage with diverse talent.

ITV launched Move on up to ITV ? a facebook page with a clear vision to create a space for us to directly engage with and attract diverse TV professionals and aspiring new talent to ITV, and develop future relationships.

Initially our focus was driven to attract BAME (Black Asian & Minority Ethnic) talent but shortly after launch, the page quickly encompassed all areas of diversity, driven by demand from our social communities.

Move on Up to ITV is currently the only one of its kind within the media and is able to provide a unique and unprecedented platform for the industry to directly engage with diverse talent beyond a recruitment model.

Our live Twitter chats #ITVChat provide a direct link for our industry peers, partners and experts who work across the diversity agenda to actively engage with our communities, offering advice and insights into our industry. These chats have helped to inform career aspirations, identified talent, and raised awareness of opportunities.

#ITVChat?also creates opportunities for our industry members to share their views towards change around the diversity agenda, both on and off screen.

ITV promotes its strategy and achievements around the diversity agenda via Move on Up to ITV and highlights the work we do in partnerships with organisations such as Stonewall, Working Families and Business Disability Forum

As a result, Move on Up to ITV received the 2012 CIPD Diversity Initiative award for recognition of innovation in a campaign to attract or retain talent from a diverse or underrepresented backgrounds.

Move on Up to ITV Facebook page