Building your business case

Whichever part of the industry we are in, we are all under continuing pressure to make profit, a better product, or deliver more efficient services. Diversity can have a real and positive impact on this if you identify solid reasons for doing it. The legal or moral case for fair representation is more obvious, but there is an intrinsic business case that we all share across the industry. Reach out to diverse candidates, customers or viewers and reap the benefits.

Here are some areas to consider when building your business case:

Measure the diversity of your workforce

Workforce monitoring, benchmarking and staff feedback surveys are the easiest way to measure the diversity demographics of your workforce and help you to build a case for diversity and inclusion.

Regular monitoring can identify areas for improvement, barriers to progression, and help you create solutions for change.

Access the diverse talents of your colleagues

This can help spot opportunities to improve products and services and access new content.
Attract and retain the best talent for your company. An inclusive workplace helps people be their best.

Consider the diversity of your customers

As part of your business case consider how appealing or accessible your content, product or service is to your potential market. Information from the 2011 UK Census and other research papers provide good insights into current and future trends.

Think about accessibility and inclusion in content, products and services to reach new customers and retain existing. Use feedback and data to demonstrate how diversity can earn more customers.

Being able to show that your product/service can reach new audiences may help you win new business.

Raise support from existing and future investors

If you are a supplier, your buyer may be thinking about the points above. Demonstrating commitment to diversity can be a good way of encouraging investment in your company or in a particular project or programme.