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Who we are

Welcome to the Creative Diversity Network

We are here to share, discuss and profile the work that the UK broadcasters are doing around the diversity agenda, both independently and collectively.

All of the UK broadcasters are members of the Creative Diversity Network as well as long-term stakeholders.

Please feel free to navigate the site and explore what is going on and what resources are available.

The Team

Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams started as the Executive Director at Creative Diversity Network in November 2016. She oversees the implementation of all the current projects. Deborah leads on organisational development and business planning. She comes with 30 plus years experience across arts, culture and the creative industries. She previously designed the BFI diversity standards and Arts Council England’s equality analysis process; for public sector equality duty compliance. In 2015 she ran two marathons, in two weeks. And it hurt.

Deborah is regularly invited to speak at events, such as the Delivering Diversity: From 90210 to E20 session at Edinburgh International Festival 2017. Connect with Deborah on twitter @cdndebs

Amy Turton

Amy is Project Diamond’s (Non-Technical) Manager. She is responsible for the day to day running of the project and scoping out its future development. Amy’s background includes almost 20 years working in the arts and culture sector, with senior experience in strategy, research and policy development.

Adam Hawley

James Collins

James is Deborah’s Executive Assistant as well as the Office Co-ordinator. He hands all things social media, general enquiries and even the very website you’re reading right now. He comes from a Marketing and PR background combined with a lifelong love of the world of television (especially RuPaul’s Drag Race).

Dean Cove

Dean is the company Finance Co-ordinator and Project Diamond Administrator. Dean has a varied background, having worked in welfare to work, travel, fashion, insurance industries as well as publishing and media.

The Members