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Women in creative media on the rise, but more to be done

Employment of women in the creative media industries has grown by almost 16,000 since 2009 with representation rising from 27% to 36% of the total workforce, according to the 2012 Creative Skillset Employment Census. But more work is needed.

The previous decline which we saw between 2006 and 2009, where the representation of women in the workforce reduced from 38% to 27%, has been reversed and is higher now in industries where programmes were run specifically to support women, including independent TV production, as well as animation and computer games.

The TV industry now has 45% women, with those in Independent Production increasing from 38% in 2009 to 48% in 2012.

We can also see where those women are employed in TV, and whether they are in decision making and influential roles. While more work is needed to find out about how women’s circumstances affect their careers, and why some roles remain gender biased, women are indeed now occupying more senior and creative roles than in 2009.

2009 2012
Strategic Management 22% 33%
Creative Development 25% 46%
Production 39% 50%
Broadcast Management 36% 51%
Content Development 8% 33%
Art and Design 12% 22%


Employers, Creative Skillset and partners, including the Creative Diversity Network, Women in Film and TV, Broadcast Magazine, BECTU, Sound Women and Women in Games Jobs, are working together to help boost the representation of women in TV and the wider Creative Industries.

It is fair to say that initiatives such as workshops for women returners, the Women and Work programme, the WFTV mentoring scheme and Expert Women Days, have made a positive impact, but we are still below the representation figure for creative industries in 2006, so there is more to be done. Earlier this year the BBC announced a working partnership with Directors UK to improve the career opportunities for women directors in television and Sky have just carried out their first everywoman networking event to support women in career development.