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Still smiling – ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations on S4C

Months after Fflur Fychan was paralysed overnight by a rare condition, she saw a poster that changed her attitude to life. The message on the poster was ‘Don’t wait for the storm to pass – learn to dance in the rain’. As S4C’s series of real life experiences, O’r Galon, continues, it will feature three new stories about brave and inspirational individuals who have, and are still battling through difficult circumstances – people who have truly learnt how to dance in the rain.

O’r Galon: Byd Enlli a Gwenno (Enlli and Gwenno’s World) on Sunday, 22 December tells the story of a young mother and her daughter. To her family’s surprise, Enlli Jones fell pregnant at the age of fifteen while still at school. But despite the initial shock, no one felt anything but happiness when little Gwenno arrived in the world; but a few weeks later the family found out that Gwenno was deaf. O’r Galon: Byd Enlli a Gwenno joins the family after Gwenno received cochlear implants to help her hear and we see how mother and daughter are coping today.

The following Sunday – 29 December – O’r Galon: Asperger a Ni (Aspergers and Us) looks at Autism, which sets many challenges for those living with the condition and the people around them. In O’r Galon: Asperger a Ni three young people and their families discuss the impact the condition has had on their lives. The programme also talks to Autism expert Dr Elin Walker Jones and includes an example of a children’s ADOS test – Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule.

Meleri Rowlands is keen to speak about her experiences in the hope this will help other young people, especially women, in similar situations. Tom Mellor used to feel he was different to everyone else but he’s now come to understand his condition and his work involves helping other young people with Autism. Dyfan Roberts admits he struggled most at secondary school, but he too is much happier now. His mother is also interviewed on the programme and explains how she hopes people will learn to be more tolerant of those who seem ‘different’.

In the New Year on Thursday, 2 January, O’r Galon: Fflur Fychan tells the story of Fflur, who was taken ill quickly and unexpectedly. Wife to Owain and mother to three children, the 37 year old was paralysed from her chest down overnight three years ago, due to a rare condition – Transverse Myelitis. This sudden and unexpected illness changed the lives of her and her family completely. But in O’r Galon: Fflur Fychan, as in all the O’r Galon programmes, it is clear that people have an incredible ability to carry on, to keep on hoping, and to smile, even through the darkest of times.

O’r Galon: Byd Enlli a Gwenno, Sunday 22 December 8.30pm, S4C
A Goriad production for S4C
O’r Galon: Asperger a Ni, Sunday 29 December 8.30pm, S4C
A Hiraethog production for S4C
O’r Galon: Fflur Fychan, Thursday 2 January 9.30pm, S4C
A Rondo production for S4C

All the programmes have English subtitles and can also be viewed on demand at s4c.co.uk/clic

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