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Project Manager for Cross-Industry Diversity Data Monitoring

The ability to monitor diversity data, both off and onscreen, is essential to build future skills and identify trends and areas for improvement.

Currently there is no way of benchmarking diversity data across the industry, as all organisations capture information differently.

All the major broadcasters (BBC, C4, ITV and Sky) have committed to working towards developing a cross-industry diversity monitoring tool, allowing them – for the first time – to compare data and track progress around diversity.

This broadcaster group has worked together to negotiate a joint-spec. This has been done in consultation with PACT who in May 2013 published guidance for indies on diversity monitoring. The joint group now believes sufficient work has been completed to warrant the short-term employment of a Project Manager.

This project is large and complex in scope, requiring robust management of end-to-end processes in place across the industry. Therefore the group is seeking to appoint a Project Manager with considerable experience in business analysis and interrogating data and systems, with a prospective start date in October 2013 and running into early 2014.

Please email for more information and a job description. Applications close by 10th October 2013. Please note that this is currently not a CDN initiative but being sponsored by individual CDN members including the broadcasters and PACT.