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News in Brief

Amanda Ariss, Executive Director of CDN

It’s been another busy month at CDN HQ particularly as we approach announcing a launch date for Diamond.

We were delighted that in Broadcast’s latest survey three quarters of indies say they feel very or quite clear about what Diamond will involve. Face-to-face Diamond training sessions run by the Indie Training Fund have been taking place in London, Glasgow, Belfast, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol with very positive feedback. We’ve also held our first Diamond webinar, organised by CDN-member Pact. We are moving closer to a launch date for Diamond as we put the system through its final usability tests; once they’re complete we’ll move on to anti-hacking testing and then go live.

Diamond continues to stimulate interest and debate and, as the first industry-wide diversity monitoring system of its kind in the world, we have been attracting interest from the US, Australia and Europe with media outlets keen to hear more about its implementation. We are planning further webinars on Diamond so do look out for news of them on our website and @tweetCDN.

We are also working hard on other new projects. We see digital as the best way for CDN to reach all the companies who need support on diversity so we’re developing a new resource hub on diversity good practice and have just commissioned Surface Impression to design and build a new website to host it. Working alongside the Equality and Human Rights Commission we’ll also be out and about at a series of roundtable events across the country to promote understanding of how equality law applies to TV companies.

Diversity of course remains high on the agenda not just in the UK but across the globe as witnessed at recent award ceremonies. And real progress depends less on training programmes and targeted initiatives, important as these are, than on organisations changing their ‘business as usual’ practices.