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Insider’s View

Fraser Ayres, CEO & Co-Founder of TriForce Creative Network continues our series of views on the state of diversity in the industry.

There has been something of a pause on the issue of diversity, as we as an industry take stock of what has been achieved over the past 18 months and where our resources have borne fruit, and there have been some big shifts in key positions which has brought some departments to a standstill in anticipation of what comes next.

What is clear is that seeking fresh voices and new faces is still a core focus. From our experience we are seeing two very distinct conversations within our industry;  one is cyclical and problem focussed, and seems to perpetuate where we are with no movement forward. The other, is around inclusivity and access and very firmly solution-based. It is these conversations that are bringing the most light and optimism.

It’s still quite difficult for those who aren’t affected by this issue in their own lives to fully understand what the long-term solutions may be, let alone know what the obstacles in achieving them are. We need to take a leap of faith and acknowledge that perhaps we don’t have all of the answers and engaging with those that have years of experience in these fields is the best way for us to ‘catch up’ with the work that has been done already.

Which brings me to Project Diamond. There seems to be a lot of anxiety surrounding in the project. There are concerns about the logistics of implementation and many are asking if we really need to see more pie charts and graphs to know how bad the situation is? We see it in our offices and on our sets every day. These are all valid points but I for one am quite interested in where it could potentially lead. Project Diamond isn’t there to tell us what we already know, it’s there to ensure we do something about it…