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CDN Open Newsroom Day: a view from an attendee

Life after graduating can take some getting used to. After graduating from Brunel with a degree in Film and  Television this summer, rather then going straight into my Masters I decided to take some time out and figure out  my next step. Which brings me on to my main point, why CDN and events like Open Newsroom are so important !

Having previously attended Creative Diversity Network events, it came as no surprise to me that last Wednesday at  ITV was a great opportunity for young people like myself to see first hand what goes on in a newsroom and most  importantly hearing the individual stories of how people from all different backgrounds got to where they are and  managed to land their dream jobs.

Shannon at Loose Women

Shannon on the set of Loose Women

On the application I specified that I was particularly interested in presenting and after the introduction myself and a few other lucky ladies were whisked off to watch Loose Women (I mean… who doesn’t love that show?). Whilst waiting to go in, we bumped into June Sarpong who is the ultimate career idol for anyone wanting to be a presenter. She sat down with us and shared some encouraging words and tips on what we should be doing to pursue our own careers. One of the things that made the Open Newsroom such an eye opening day was how interested and willing to help everyone from ITV was towards all of us. There were a variety of workshops on offer which focused on graphics, journalism, editing and many others, I’m sure everyone took something positive away from whichever one they were involved in.

So yes…from watching a live show, to hearing people share stories of their personal journey into the industry as well  as getting a chance to ask loads of questions at the networking lunch, the whole day was beneficial to all those  chasing a dream, whatever that may be.

Shannon with June Sarpong

Shannon with June Sarpong

The day at ITV was what I needed to keep me motivated and realise that  everything I’ve been working towards will eventually happen with hard  work,  dedication and a bit of luck ! I’d encourage all young people  interested in a career  in television to keep and eye on the CDN website and  all the amazing  opportunities that they provide.

 Shannon Wright