Following on from DIAMOND xCHANGE, where we started to talk about the complexity of diversity, the Creative Diversity Network will be travelling  across the UK to address needs from  all corners of our country and curating  area-specific discussions.

The sessions are a chance to take the conversation out of London and change how the industry works for everyone. DIAMOND xCHANGE set the agenda for the work to come, and now it’s time to focus on these issues at a more local level so we can collectively formulate solutions. The aim is for these sessions to be intimate, accessible and open discussions where everyone has the chance to have their voices heard.

CDN and the Royal Television Society (RTS) will be joining forces to form the link between industry newbies and seasoned execs. The Network Speaks will present stimulating speakers, engaging hosts, and a clever, curious audience ready for thought-provoking sessions. The topics will sometimes be controversial, always current and seek to challenge our collective perceptions of each other and how we are represented in UK broadcasting.

This is CDN and RTS coming together to create something responsive, open and hopefully, game-changing.


Keep your eyes peeled, our next event is coming soon…




CDN and RTS Yorkshire invited those of you with questions about how you can increase BAME representation on your sets to come along and work with us to create the solutions.
With the screen industry booming in Yorkshire and teams looking to hire more inclusively, we hosted an honest conversation about what we can do to ensure we are ready, willing and open to invest in the best talent from a diverse pool.

This event was a safe, facilitated space for people to ask the questions they might have been nervous to ask and raise any of the concerns and questions we are all currently facing.  A chance to enquire about the things we fear may be inappropriate and work out how we can improve and what we can put in place to ensure progress.

Things discussed:
–  How you can spread the net wide during recruitment
–  Dos and Don’ts on set
–  What is talent
–  Language and terminology
–  Culture and behaviour

The Network Speaks – Leeds outcomes


Our first event in the series, Beyond Tokenism, took place on 06.06.2019 at Chapter in Cardiff.


Creative Diversity Network and RTS Wales are inviting the Welsh unscripted production community to come to take part in an in-depth conversation about diversity and representation on-screen.

Areas for consideration include casting diverse contributors (with a particular focus on disabled and BAME contributors), appropriate use of language and reflecting the whole of Wales. This is an opportunity for everyone to share their own experiences and open up the discussion on the challenges and choices around representation. We hope you will leave with some tips on how to move away from tokenism and towards reflecting an authentic and representative Wales for both the Welsh and UK audiences to see.