Here you will find Guidance Notes on how to complete the Diamond forms.

Illustration of lots of television sets and a white outline of a man watching themCompleting Diamond monitoring will usually be the responsibility of production management, but this may vary from company to company. Diamond is integrated with Silvermouse, which many production teams may already be using for ‘Programme as Completed’ paperwork or collecting diversity information. Diamond will completely replace any current processes used to capture diversity data in Silvermouse, which vary from broadcaster to broadcaster, with a single standardised approach.


If you’re the person responsible for completing Diamond monitoring, our Guidance Notes will provide you with comprehensive information and support to help you run the process within your organisation, and to keep your colleagues and talent informed on how the process works and what they will need to do.

A copy of the Guidance Notes can be found here.

For a quick overview of all you need to know about Diamond, download our Fast Facts here.

To help you, CDN has a package of online, e-learning modules devised by training partner Acteon Communication and Learning. You can find the e-learning at