Here you will find a useful overview to Diamond and fast facts.

Diamond is a single online system used by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky to obtain consistent diversity data on programmes they commission. The initiative is supported by Pact and Creative Skillset, and delivered through the CDN

At a time when challenges relating to diversity are growing in prominence, Diamond allows us to answer the key questions ‘Who’s on TV’ and ‘Who makes TV’ with greater confidence and precision than ever before. TV needs diversity at its very core to reflect society and enhance creativity, thereby increasing world-class programming.

Diamond is a ground-breaking project: as far as we know no other broadcasting industry in the world has developed a cross-industry approach where competing broadcasters collect and publish diversity data together.

For an overview of what Diamond covers and how it works please see our Diamond Fast Facts.

The Diamond system, which uses the Silvermouse platform, is now live. From 2017 CDN will publish regular reports so the industry can be completely transparent about how well it’s doing on diversity.

People working on or off screen on all UK-originated productions will be asked to enter information on their gender; gender identity; age; ethnicity; sexual orientation and disability status into the Diamond monitoring system.

Production management teams will oversee the completion of forms that detail the Actual  diversity of on-screen contributors and off-screen production teams and crew. They will also record how an audience might Perceive the diversity of characters and contributors on-screen.

The quality and usefulness of the data depends on contributors, crew and production staff being encouraged to share their actual data; without it we don’t get an accurate diversity picture of the industry’s diversity. Production companies also enter information about the perceived diversity characteristics of on-screen characters and contributors. Published Diamond reports are anonymised and no individuals are identifiable from them.