The Creative Diversity Network is a forum, paid for by its member bodies. Our role is to bring together organisations, who employ and/or make programmes across the UK television industry to promote, celebrate and share good practice around the diversity agenda.

Current members of the CDN are BAFTA, BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5/Viacom, Creative Skillset, PACT, ITN, ITV, Media Trust, S4C, Sky and Turner Broadcasting.

Together we seek to engage and empower the industry to drive change, and understand the business case for wider representation and inclusion.

CDN Members

  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts

    BAFTA is a small organisation with a large impact. We believe that a diversity of perspectives enriches our work and aim to reflect the UK in all its diversity in all that we do. Our learning programme includes scholarships, skills development programmes and open-access events which aim to level the playing field and help talented people to succeed, regardless of their background. Although not a broadcaster, BAFTA’s membership of the Creative Diversity Network is an important part of our diversity policy. Our membership of the CDN helps us to keep up to date with current diversity best practice and how broadcasters are approaching diversity.

    Diversity website at BAFTA
  • British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

    For the BBC, the consideration of equality and diversity is vital. Strong reach and share, high quality programming and high audience appreciation across all our output are essential to the continued success of the BBC and we recognise diversity as a creative opportunity that enhances the originality and distinctiveness of our output and drives innovation. One of the BBC’s core values is ‘working together’ and to us that’s just as important beyond as well as within the BBC. Working in collaboration with other broadcasters and media sector bodies has helped the CDN establish a clear common vision of what good looks like - in terms of increased diversity on and off screen. The job now is to find practical and creative ways to make that happen and to build on work already undertaken. It will only be by our continuing to work together that we will make the most sustained impact.

    Diversity website at the BBC
  • Channel 4

    Channel 4 is proud to be a founding member of the CDN. We have a deep and long-standing commitment to creative diversity – identifying and nurturing talent, celebrating difference, and engaging with people and ideas that are outside the mainstream. In 2011 we set ourselves the goal of working with more new and emerging talent from a more diverse pool than ever before. We did this not to tick the necessary boxes or reach quotas, but because we want the most original and thought-provoking ideas, with the broadest range of voices; and because, as contemporary Britain grapples with the complexities of social change, exploring and understanding difference matters.

    Diversity website at Channel 4
  • Creative Skillset

    Creative Skillset is committed to diversity so that the employers we work with across the creative industries will draw talent from the most diverse pools, generate authentic and innovative products for diverse markets and audiences, and utilise, share and profit from the value of diversity in their business. The CDN offers us an opportunity to pool our expertise in skills with that of broadcasters and indies to ensure the maximum social and financial benefit is achieved from our collaborative inclusive practice in diversifying the TV industry both on and off screen.

    Diversity website at the Creative Skillset
  • ITN

    ITN is proud of its long association with the CDN. There’s great benefit in working with other broadcasters on diversity – pooling resources and ideas, and learning from the successes (and occasional failures!) of other initiatives. All news organisations have a particular responsibility to see that their news teams - and their bulletins - reflect the diversity of the audiences that watch them. We are making progress, but there’s much work still to do.

    Diversity website at ITN
  • ITV

    For ITV, ensuring we portray a contemporary UK demographic has more significance than just the right thing to do. Portraying social diversity keeps our programmes relevant and gives them mass appeal – with the aim of attracting the largest audience possible. Diversity promotes understanding around disability, culture, religious belief, age, gender, sexual orientation and family portrayal and we aim to authentically represent this through our characters and across our content. Creating an inclusive workplace with colleagues who reflect our society is essential for innovation and creativity. ITV has been a member of the CDN since its inception. We were very proud to chair the CDN last year, and continue our full support as we continue to develop the network alongside other members.

    Diversity website at the ITV
  • Media Trust

    Media Trust works with the media industry to empower a diverse range of charities, young people and communities to have a voice and be heard. We run Community Channel, the only TV channel to be run by a charity and dedicated to telling untold stories from across the UK.  As both a charity and a broadcaster we are incredibly proud to be part of the CDN network and to work hand in hand with the fellow member bodies to take action on diversity – be it disability, age, gender or ethnicity. Together we can support diverse new talent, amplify voices and celebrate best practice across the media industry.

    Diversity website at Media Trust
  • Pact

    Pact has championed diversity in the independent production sector for many years – we share the Creative Diversity Network’s principle that encourages the business case for a more diverse workforce. The Network demonstrates that we are stronger together in striving for an industry that includes all our talents. A more diverse industry is clearly in the best interests of the independent production sector. Pact believes that the indies are stronger through diversity. Production companies recognise that their content must be relevant to audiences. Diversity is a natural part of the creative process and the Pact diversity pledge serves as a constant reminder that supporting diversity should always engage everyone, big or small.

    Diversity website at PACT
  • S4C

    S4C believes that, as a public service broadcaster, it has a role to play in promoting equality, diversity and fair treatment. As the only Welsh language television channel in the world, S4C celebrates the everyday lives, culture and traditions of the whole of Wales. S4C is therefore at the heart of the nation, taking Wales to the world and bringing the world to Wales. As a member of the Creative Diversity Network (CDN), S4C values the opportunity the forum offers to raise awareness about equality and diversity in broadcasting, and to share good practice in employment and production matters.

    Diversity website at s4c
  • Sky

    Sky is committed to showcasing the diversity of our customers both on and off screen. We are proud to have been part of the CDN from the very beginning. By working together and sharing best practice we can achieve our common goal of reflecting the diversity of the UK. We strive to be the best for our customers and our people, and to make a positive contribution to life in the UK and Ireland. We believe that focusing on long-term sustainability is the best way to achieve lasting success and create value for shareholders. As the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster we recognise that our work with the CDN is crucial not only for supporting our diversity objectives but as an integral part of us making a positive contribution.

    Diversity website at SKY
  • Turner, A Time Warner Company

    The word broadcast is defined as spreading a message as widely as possible and so diversity on air and behind the scenes is vital to do this successfully. Diversity is not just the right thing to do, it has to be an integral part of any broadcasters business strategy. The extraordinary thing about the CDN is that it regularly brings together the Chief Executives of the top British TV companies around one table and they all talk completely openly about what they can do together or separately to improve diversity in this country and it is because of their enthusiastic backing that so much is now being done on our screens.

    Diversity website at Turner